Saturday, 7 May 2011


A very stereotypical yet fascinating topic is love. Every persperctive is different, this may be because each person is unique with varying experiences, not one being is identical to another, yet there are over six billion of us. However each outtake is as important as anyone else's as we all learn through it, and it teaches us very important lessons. I would like to think my opinions are wise, no matter how irrational my behaviour may be when experiencing such traumatic yet equally beautiful times.

I have had my heartbroken three times with one person! Honestly, they have been the most horrific experiences one could have. Thinking back on it now I see how unhealthy the relationship was in many ways. Seemingly beautiful and flawless from the outside, even in my perspective I could see no faults, there was something etched inside of me that I could not translate, could not put my finger on and simply did not like. As much as we loved and adored one another, there was always this uncomfortable feeling that he was going to flee, even dreams I had prior to any negative signals he gave off, I had terrifying dreams of him leaving in a ruthless way. Over 3 years down the line, this dream, unfortunately, came true. Now I cannot deny I loved him, as I was extremely besotted, but my question is, was it healthy? The answer is simply NO!

My perspective of love altered when I started to see another individual in a different light. Through years of knowing that person, and having their solid support through difficult times, I have come to recognise a different, but just as strong, kind of love. Trust is the most important issue within a relationship, whether it be friendship, partnership etc. Earlier I mentioned always having something in the back of my mind, well this time with this person, even if we parted, I know deep down that we will never be away from one another. I trust that persons feelings, it's almost as though I can sence the genuine nature and feelings being displayed towards me. Even though strong words have never been ushered, there has never been a need, whereas with my past relationships I wanted constant reassurance to make me feel safe. I guess actions are always louder than words. Infact, if anything, we both deny any such feelings exist between us. It is just the fact that he is alive that makes me feel at ease, I don't need to be physically near him or even speak to that person every day, I almost know he will always be with me.
I am a massive believer in fate, others think similar but may describe it in a different way, but I feel that whatever happens, will happen for a reason. This is the thing, I trust that my fate lies with him, whether it be just pure friendship or perhaps something more, it doesn't matter as long as he is in my life, I don't care. Initially I felt I can't be his best friend without anything else, but i found it is more impossible to not have him in my life! We bond in ways I have never bonded with other people. He naturally knows how to cheer me up without trying and effortlessly knows how to behave around me. Although we are not together, this is more than I have ever shared with other partners I have been with for years at a time.

Anyway, my point is that there are numerous types of love, some healthy some not. But true love is something that may not be defined in a solid relationship. You may not see these people walking hand in hand, they may go their own way but they always manage to come back. The best part is the comfort in knowing that that person will stay in your life; till death do us part!